Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy love day

Sometimes I think I missed my calling and maybe should have worked for Hallmark, or maybe Disney World or actually anyplace that is engulfed in every holiday and season to its fullest.  Have I mentioned that I love the holidays and all that goes with them?
Like making homemade play-doh hearts 

  Finding reasons to make a few more Valentines or one more place to hang heart garland or searching for a small space left to stamp one more glittery red heart.  Of course my boys do not share my passion to the fullest due to the fact that they are boys and would rather make a paper airplane out of a valentine than decorate it.

 Due to sickness roaming our house my craft supply day did not happen. Which led to digging in old craft bins and making due with what we had. What better way to spend a sick infested rainy Friday night then sharing the love through Valentine treats.

 But as good sports they allow me to enjoy the little things of the holiday and always throw a touch of boy in the mix.

Of course sharing and teaching the boys about the greatest love of all at a Cubbie celebration was a must.  Kase's bible verse this week was "Love The Lord your God with all your heart"  Mark 12:30 which I found appropriately fun for Valentine's week. Kase  informed us that following the golden rule was another way to show love. Which led to "hey dad, what is the silver rule?"  Well kase it's not the Olympics. 

A valentine breakfast with these sweet friends was a blessing.  With 2 new additions this year, Roxie & Cambell,we had lots of love to share and celebrate.
strawberry smoothies 

Happy Valentines I hope we all show love to others all year and not just on this fun day and for heavens sake follow the silver rule!

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