Friday, February 1, 2013

adventure awaits

The countdown is in full swing for Roxie Kyle to come home!! 

The past few weeks have been busy and nerve wracking, but mixed with excitement.
 An adventure awaits shower was a fun way to show  love to their family.
 Due to the process of Hudson's paperwork he is not ready to be introduced to the world . So enjoy the fun hearts until then. 

As they were still putting away all the blessings they were shown at their shower, they received the unforgettable news to come get their little girl. The one that God has chosen for them, and will bless their lives.

So now the prep work begins, watching them put the final touches on her room to make it perfect in its own way, helping pack the diaper bag that has been sitting empty for to long, and watching them leave as 2 but come back as 3.

In an attempt to keep my mind busy as well as pass the time, treats for the airport & their house have been a project. It will be a special day for them to introduce Roxie to their family and friends that have prayed and loved her for so long now.

As we cheer on Aunt Wendy & Uncle Brandon from here at home the boys and I have decided to have our own spirit week by spending time in prayer each day for their family. As well as sporting a different adoption shirt each day. Shirts that not only support Wendy and Brandon but also other families waiting, praying and in the middle of this great adventure themselves.

Roxie Kyle we can't wait to meet you, love you, smell you, snuggle you and for the boys to teach you all about superheros. That is if we will ever be able to pry you out of your mom and dads arms because they have labored for you for such a long time and they might not ever let go. Who could blame them?

Thank you God for this child!


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