Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boy Oh Boy

Coming from a family of girls, to now being apart of a family of boys, has been a change. 
On our trip to Wisconsin & Chicago I made several observations about these odd creatures we call boys. 
They choose...
Wolf ears over tiaras

Moose ears over hair bows

Eating over shopping

Thrill seeking over conversations & relaxation

Wolf dens over doll houses 

Avenger bears over baby dolls 

Beating their bears together over rocking them 

Climbing over skipping 

Train delivered food over tea parties

5 gallon hats over bonnets 

Lego land over The American girl store

4-wheeler and jet ski over strollers 

Building over Decorating

Firefighters over Princesses

Digging for Dinosaur Bones over picking flowers

Boys are all about doing and finding things to stay active. 
They look at game rooms as adventure and fun. I look at them as a waste of money that could have been spent on a cute shirt. 
They want to ride fast water slides and I want to sit in the wave pool. 
In a class at church they said part of being an effective parent, is to get on your children's level. So to attempt this I lugged a double riding tube up 4 flights of stairs over and over to ride the big green water slide with Kase. Only for him to tell me in the middle of the ride, "Mom stop screaming!" 

This is only the beginning of raising boys & I wouldn't change a thing!!!

Thank you God for this change in my life & my sweet, active, wild boys that keep me on my toes!

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