Saturday, May 5, 2012

batter up & tee it up

We are back into full "swing" of t ball season (no pun intended)!  
It was our turn to bring the team snacks so with Kase's help we had fun picking out and putting together fun snack bags for his teammates. 
In t ball sometimes it is more fun to watch the parents than the kids. When they need a little help getting up the confidence to run the bases, we do it with them! The slow pace of t ball can make me crazy, but they are so cute and it is such a fun way to teach our kids about sportsmanship, teamwork, and following instruction. 
Knox thinks he should be out there with Kase, but he is learning his role of cheering him on, and of course enjoying snacks. 
As if t ball and 3 hours of swimming wasn't enough in one day, my boys were ready to tee it up!
 This is usually Scotty's domain but since he was not home the boys coaxed me into showing them what their mom can do on the golf course. Sadly enough it wasn't much even though Kase cheered me on saying "good hit momma!" 
I could tell Scotty had them in training. They knew when to be quiet, where to sit on the tee box when someone was teeing off, and even how to pull the flag. 

But since we had the course to ourselves and Scotty was not along we did all kinds of things that make him crazy when it comes to golfing. 
Like playing in flip-flops and playing with the brightest golf balls we could find. 
I learned on this little outing how literal my 4 year old really is. When referring to the green, he looked around and let me know it was all green. Also that a tee box doesn't really look like a box, and how his hot pink ball wasn't hot at all. 
Days like these are my favorite, and what a better way to end then meeting up with Scotty and having ice cream for supper!



  1. Hi Brook! So nice stopping by to say hi and see the photos of your most adorable little guys! I am just getting ready to head to our grandsons 6th birthday party and his gift is a night with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop at a baseball game.(The River Sharks farm team). Sweet family and sweet blog!

    Kindly, Lorraine

  2. This is just the best post ever, Brooke. I'm so delinquent in all things like golf, so your "winging it" day with the boys was awesome.

    Thank you so much for sharing at Your Sunday Best this week. I thoroughly enjoyed it. :)

  3. Looks like such a fun day with your boys! Days like that truly are perfect, and it's true... hot pink really isn't hot at all!! :D Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great pictures - some treasured memories there. Love the concentration in the first and the smiles :)

  5. What a sweet series - it looks like a fun game.

  6. What a sweet post, your kids are adorable and I love all your pictures. Such an eventful, fun and thrilling day :)
    Thanks for linking up to our Sunday Round Up link party. Hope to see you again this weekend :)

  7. How stinkin' cute! Love all the photos. They are adorable. Thanks for sharing at A Pinteresting Party.

  8. So, so cute! Thanks for linking up. :)