Monday, March 5, 2012

thanks again

There is nothing like calling in last minute sitters & I found just the 2. With this sister duo there is bound to be some fun.

I didn't know whether to be scared, or excited when my boys began cheering and yelling when they walked in the door. Returning home and seeing the shape of my house or what was a house when I left, I then realized why the boys had been cheering. Meg informed me it only took them about 10 minutes for the destruction to sit in.

Of course when we got home the fun had only begun. Wendy & Brandon joined us and even though it was 9:00 on a Sunday night why not make homemade pizzas, and gourmet hot chocolate? So we did!
We all had a great night of building tents,

crab walking around the house,

enjoying our hot chocolate,
grab the recipe from Wendy's blog

having a dance party

making homemade pizza,

and climbing on the couch like it is a jungle gym.

The most important thing of the night was that the boys were safe & well taken care of! Thanks again girls, and I promise we will call again!

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