Tuesday, March 20, 2012

march madness

March Madness takes on a whole new feel when you take a 4 and 2 year old to Louisville to cheer on the Racers & the CATS!

Scotty & Dad were heading to Arizona for the week so Dad surprised the girls with tickets to the Louisville NCAA games. I couldn't leave Knox @ home on his birthday so like usual the boys joined us for the fun!! We had a great trip and it made our week with out Scotty at home go by so much faster!
The bellmen sent up ice cream to the boys

Ready to cheer on the Racers

Out of 4 ballgames the boys probably only saw a total of 2. I guess the excitement just exhausted them.

Mom wanted to make sure Knox's birthday wasn't overshadowed so she brought gifts and spread them out over our trip. You never knew when or what she would pull out of her purse.

All he would tell us that he wanted was a Mickey Cake. So of course we took a Mickey cake with us. In between the games we went back to the hotel let the boys swim, and had a mini birthday party.

Back the YUM center and back to sleep.

A double sleeping shot.

They woke up in time to get some ice cream and cheer on the CATS.

They boys were wild when we got back from all of the games and were ready to play. They stacked the cot up on the bed and made their own slide. Who needs a playground? I felt sorry for the guests in the rooms next to us.

We enjoyed lunch at Lynns Paradise Cafe. Wendy and I overheard a guy describing it as a souped up funky Cracker Barrel. I totally agree.

By Saturdays late UK game Brandon, John Matt and Myles joined us to cheer on a great game.

We made it home safely around 1:30am and Scotty joined us at around 3am. As if we hadn't had enough ball or traveling Scotty and I jumped in the car the next day and wendy to Nashville to watch Cincinnati beat Florida State. We were so happy to go and cheer them on & get to visit with Mer, her girls and family.

Wendy informed me that I could not cheer for 3 different teams in the tournament. I disagree as long as they are not playing each other I think I can cheer for them all!.

We finally got home around 2 am but both decided it was worth the trip!


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