Friday, August 5, 2011

til death do us part

Kase and Knox recently helped Sanda and Brandon begin their life together. Kase named himself the sign carrier, and of course Knox was there to enjoy the food.

According to Kase he has been married to Wendy, Sarah June, Sanda and Winter. See, in Kases mind he marries the bride and the flower girl in each wedding he is in. He still assures me that he is going to marry me as well. So in all of his confusion we have tried to use weddings, and other events as teachable moments. One of those moments this week has been being able to celebrate my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary.

Of course my grandparents would only allow a small dinner party with their siblings and their immediate family. It was a wonderful night and a great example to my boys.
Aunt Wendy asked Kase what we were doing at Nonnie's. He told her that we were having a party. She asked him what the party was for and he grinned and told her Grandmother was getting married.
We enjoyed hearing the details about their wedding 60 years ago and of course if Grandmother was apart of it, it was humorous. Grandaddy surprised Grandmother with a diamond band and a pendant necklace. My grandmother has not been speechless much in her life but this was a speechless moment. She said they haven't exchanged gifts in over 20 years.

The grandkids served the meal so they could sit back and enjoy the night with their family and friends. We learned that we are not very good at serving food, but with Meg and Lane in the mix Wendy and I stayed entertained. Some things never change and when we get together we turn into little girls again laughing at anything and everything.

Kase found the appetizer table and was putting mustard on crackers taking it to the guests. I was so proud of his little servant heart even though the appetizer he was serving was a little odd. Knox nominated himself as the door greeter which meant pushing his face against the glass on the door watching the guests come in.

The boys didn't make the photo because at this point they had fallen asleep. It was a great night and hopefully the boys have began to learn that marriage is till death do us part. I just need him to realize that it is with one girl and not each one you walk down the aisle with. Happy 60th Grandmother and Grandaddy you are an example to us all. We love you!

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