Thursday, June 7, 2012

the big apple (in pics)

Wiping noses, settling wrestling matches, singing the theme song to every super hero cartoon, dressing & undressing the boys in various costumes, filling 3000 juice cups a day, picking up toys, buckling and unbuckling car seats & explaining over and over why you can't jump off of tables and tall objects, were all things I left behind. Even if it was for a few short days it was a part of my routine that would not be going with me to New York. 
I was trading these things for long adult conversations, shopping with no strollers, laughing at things and not having to explain what I was laughing at, and only dressing one person a day. It was a great trade off but at the end of the trip I was more than ready to slip back into my old routine with my boys. 
I  hadn't seen these girls in a while and we had not been all together in a really long time, but as soon as we stepped off the plane and were finally all together again it was like nothing had ever changed. It was like we weren't any older than we were in college and great conversations picked up right were they left off. We loved experiencing NY together

water taxi

 chelsea market 

This picture is poor quality and crazy but it is my favorite. Only in NY can you act like fools on the street and it doesn't matter and we took full advantage!

 little italy

 streets of NY 

 It was a great trip and I again learned how much I miss these girls and am so thankful for their amazing friendships. No matter how many different towns and cities we live in we are just a phone call or plane ride away. 



  1. Love this post Brooke. So glad you all made it up to see me! It really was one of the very bests visits I have had!! I am so blessed to have you all in my life!!

  2. i just discovered your blog and love it! where do you teach? I went to Baylor in TX and now live in washington dc and just finished my 4th year of teaching Kindergarten!