Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Music to my ears

2 things I am not: Music guru, and computer savvy

However, I know people who are.

I have finally taken the time to add music to this blog. Everytime I make Scotty sit down and read it, he asks do you have music yet?

So now my answer can be YES!!!

Of course Wendy helped me add the playist to the blog (she is computer savvy).

Kristen is my music guru and she did most of the playlist except for a few songs I added in. I know she will get on here and check it out so I am anxious to see if she likes my add ins.

So Scotty enjoy the music!

(If you can't hear the music make sure your volume is up on your computer, and if it still isn't working scroll down to the playlist at the bottom of the blog and push play. Then enjoy the music)


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